Top 9 Topics to Explore and Research!

If you’re interested in researching a provocative topic, you should consider the topics provided below. They are relevant to the problems that we face in the world today and so they are fated to spark interest in readers. Most cheap essay writing services have hired professionals to help you write dissertations and research a paper to meet your academic requirements, and so you should definitely check them out!

Energy Sources

This is a unique topic as you will get to explore the history and impact of energy sources. Make sure that you work on exploring the comparatively newer developments in the field and find means to meet the needs of the world’s population. Since a dozen of developing countries are currently taking an interest in energy sources, it feels like the right time to delve deep into the subject and understand more.

Waste Disposal

We all know how serious the issue of overpopulation is – the world has exceeded over 7 billion people and we are facing a serious water disposal crisis. It has raised concerns regarding global warming and its negative implications on the ozone layer.

It’s of utmost urgency to learn about this issue and come up with ways to solve the problem. By conducting a study on waste disposal, you can come up with newer methods to dispose of waste material in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Political Uprising in the Middle East

Currently, the situation that is going on in the Middle East is of no surprise to anyone. Israel is hell-bent on removing any sign of Palestine from the face of this Earth while the rest of the world – especially the powerful nations and the United Nations are not doing anything about it. But at least we are now facing the problem that has long been hidden under the carpet.

The genocide and possession replacement happening in GAZA and Sheikh Jarrah is evident and being acknowledged by the rest of the world. People are voicing their thoughts on social media and since there’s so much debate, it makes the topic far more interesting.


Globalization is great but it has its own set of problems. You can choose to research this topic and explore the problems that come along with it. Also, you have the liberty to present both sides of the coin, and so, you can also present the advantages of globalization. If you really have time, you can use examples or add in a case study to make it relevant.

Impact of Marketing on Teens

The art of persuasion is peaking – with the passage of time, we have discovered several new ways to market products and services to teens. The idea is to use real-life examples and map out how teens reacted to their marketing strategies. Are teens easy to manipulate? Are the older audience harder to convince? There are many questions to be asked and you must find their answers along the way.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional resiliencies a fairly new topic of discussion but it has gained a lot of heat in the last few years. It is basically a psychological trait where one has a comparatively stronger ability to handle stressful situations. They are well-versed in handling crises and situations that involved conflicts. People who score higher on the scale effortlessly roll with the punches, whereas others cease to succumb. You can take a sample of your choice and establish whether or not they score higher on this scale and if yes, then what were the contributing factors.


Co-dependency is another interesting topic that has gained popularity in the mainstream media in recent times. You will be surprised to see how certain relationships start off in a healthy way but proceed to become toxic and manipulative due to increasing co-dependency. This relationship can occur between two people or even with food and technologies. The idea is to keep an open mind when conducting this research.

Leadership Ethics

God knows how much there is to learn when it comes to leadership ethics. Such studies are mostly conducted in an organizational setup but you can choose your sample from any industry and environment. For example, leadership can be seen in a classroom setting, so make sure that you don’t limit your ideas. Focus on the importance and how traditional leadership values have become almost redundant and how corporate sectors must adopt newer strategies in order to expand the business and thrive.

Toxic Management

When the top management of the company is toxic, the company is meant to fail. You can conduct a thorough investigation on this subject – try to keep an open mind and include all kinds of organizations in the study. You can highlight the traits that make upper management toxic, you can pinpoint the characteristics of toxic managers, and you can also explore the long term and short term impact of working under a toxic manager.

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